We were overwhelmed by the amount of support in the room at the Town Hall meeting when we asked for your support for our fundraising idea. After hearing some of your ideas, we have modified it a bit from our original plan. We have set 5 different levels of donations with a 5-year commitment. We are currently assessing gifts with our future logo for each level to thank you for your generosity! Now to dive into the details!


  • Pool Edge $10/month

  • Starting Block $16.67/month – equivalent to 3 drinks at Starbucks!

  • 1-Meter Diving Board $20/month 

  • 3-Meter Diving Board $35/month 

  • 10-Meter Platform $50+/month


As noted during our presentation, each member of our board has committed to a minimum of the Starting Block level (equates to $1,000 over a 5 year period), and we hope we can rely on your support as well. We determined Zelle to be a great platform to setup donations to the Club. Zelle doesn’t charge fees since it uses your checking account, most major banking institutions offer Zelle, Zelle allows for recurring payments in most cases, and there are no holding periods for funds. We’ve included directions to set this up below. If your bank is not listed or you would rather use a credit card (this will incur a small fee), you can always use PayPal, instruction below as well. We will provide regular updates to our fundraising efforts, so let’s keep this community thriving and Go Fund the Fox!


Our preferred method of donations is through the money transfer app Zelle. This method does not charge you or The Club any additional fees. You can see if Zelle does bank to bank transfers with your institution at Zelle does not set specific levels, so the amount is purely up to you of how much you would like to donate per month ($10, $16.67, $20, $35, $50+). For payee information, please enter Your app may ask you if Richard Stromp is the associated individual, this is our current Treasurer on the board.

If your bank is listed:

Your bank will go through a verification process to ensure that you are giving access to Zelle, and this could potentially happen through your banking app itself. Some banks offer recurring payments, and others only offer one-time payments. We are happy to receive one-time payments, but if your bank does not allow for recurring payments and you would like to donate on a more regular basis, please visit the PayPal section below.


If your bank is not listed:

You can still download the Zelle app on your phone/tablet, enter your debit/credit card information and donate on a recurring or one-time basis. Instructions are located at You can download the app here



Paypal is also a great option, but as a Club we are charged the fees for each transaction (2.9% + $0.30/transaction) We have set-up easy pay buttons at each donation level mentioned above. You must have a PayPal account set-up to make recurring donations through this option. You can use either a bank account or credit card for your payment option once your PayPal account is set-up.

Pool Edge


Starting Block

$16.67/month = $1,000 over 5 years

1-Meter Board

$20/month helps to cover PayPayl fees + a little extra love

3-Meter Board


10-Meter Platform


Choose Your Amount

$ amount decided by you


Phone: 720.316.3399

Physical Location:  7070 E. Mineral Avenue, Centennial, CO 80112

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3234, Englewood, CO 80155-3234


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