Board Election 2019

FSRC has an all volunteer board. Each elected board position term is two years long. After two years, the position becomes up for election and any permanent member can be put up for consideration by submitting a photo and bio to by July 30th. In order to keep a balance of veteran and rookie board members, the board has staggered the
years that board positions are up for election.
Elections for 2019 will be on August 13th at the all members meeting.
ONLY Permanent Members are eligible to vote.
If you will not be at the meeting, and would like to vote please contact Mike Siegal, our secretary, up to 48 hours before the August 13th meeting to submit your vote.
You can email her here or call her at 303-229-0796
Open board positions for this year are
president, membership, social and maintenance.
The following are the current submissions for considersation.




Allisa Lacey

My name is Allisa Lacey. I am a Colorado native, veteran of the US Air Force, stepmom to a wonderful son, JJ (10, attending West this fall for 6th grade), wife to an amazing husband, James, and an Architectural Designer in process of becoming a licensed Architect. My family engages in outdoor, adrenaline pumped activities spanning from snow camping and skiing in the winter, to wakeboarding and backpacking in the summer. We can be found chowing down on pizza, wings and beer while cheering on the Broncos all fall no matter how poor a season they’re having. 


After living in Aurora for the proximity to Buckley for 5 years, our family moved into Foxridge June of 2018 in hopes of finding a community where we felt like we truly belonged. We gutted and renovated our new home, biting off far more than we could chew, and have been settling into our new normal for the past year. We immediately joined the pool last summer, and have felt welcomed and included from the moment we took our first jump off of the diving board.


In engaging with other members of the pool, the social chair position was brought to my attention as a way to become engaged in the community further and to meet families. I have volunteered as PTO chair positions at my son’s elementary school as well as room parent and have experience and knowledge in organizing and running social events at a large scale. I look forward to the challenge and opportunity that this position would afford me in supporting our pool and community.



Phone: 720.316.3399

Physical Location:  7070 E. Mineral Avenue, Centennial, CO 80112

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3234, Englewood, CO 80155-3234


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