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Please Mark Your Calendars
Butter Braids have returned! Sale runs from September 23rd to October 25th

Note the order form at checkout states that they will be delivered to Foxridge.

However, they will be available for you to pick up on:

Tuesday, November 9th
4:30pm to 6:00pm
at The Wade Home
7856 South Niagara Way

Click here to place your order (click on Foxridge once on the site)


Butter Braid® pastries are light and flaky, containing mouthwatering fillings like cinnamon, cream cheese and various fruit flavors. Unlike a dense bread, Butter Braid pastries are hand-braided with a sweet dough base containing over 25 layers of light, airy dough and 100% real butter. This gives the one-and-only Butter Braid pastry its unique and incredible flavor! Thaw, Rise & Bake. Icing packet included. Great for breakfast, dessert or any special occasion. You’ll love it when you try it!

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