Board Election 2020

FSRC has an all volunteer board. Each elected board position term is two years long. After two years, the position becomes up for election and any permanent member can be put up for consideration by submitting a photo and bio to by August 3rd 11:59 PM. In order to keep a balance of veteran and rookie board members, the board has staggered the
years that board positions are up for election.
Elections for 2020 will be on August 11th at the all members meeting.
ONLY Permanent Members are eligible to vote.
If you will not be at the meeting, and would like to vote please contact Mike Siegal, our secretary, up to 48 hours before the August 11th meeting to submit your vote.
You can email him here or call him at 303-229-0796
Open board positions for this year for 1 year term are
president and membership chair. 
Open board positions for this year for 2 year term are
vice-president, treasurer, secretary, communications chair, fundraising chair, and tennis chair.
The following individuals are running for board positions:

Becky Brekke

My young family moved to Foxridge in 2019. My husband Karl and I have been pool members for the past 2 years. We love to spend our summer days and nights at the pool and meeting neighbors. We hope to see the pool around for many more years as we raise our 3 young children, Kate (6), Owen (3), and Claire (8 months) in the neighborhood. As a mom and teacher with a finance degree, I have a unique background and I can be a positive addition to the board in various areas. Community is important to me and I hope to be able to be part of the board to continue the legacy of The Club at Foxridge.

Dan Brown​

In 2017, after being away from Colorado for almost 20 years, my wife Amber and I happily moved with our two boys, Noah and Sam, into Foxridge.  A number of lucky accidents led us to land here and we have been grateful for our fortune ever since.

As a practicing attorney for almost 20 years, I have served on numerous committees and cross-functional advisory groups tasked with creating innovative projects to improve internal operations, efficiency and client satisfaction.  More importantly, I have represented a wide-range of clients, listening to their needs, assessing and advising on risk, and giving voice to and representing their interests in numerous settings. After representing clients for almost two decades in numerous difficult situations, I understand what it is to simultaneously be an advisor and a representative, a listener and an advocate, a leader and team member.

I feel truly blessed to be a part of this community and want to do my part to help maintain the club that we all love.  I believe that a community is made up of all its members.  It is important to honor history and tradition, and to apply the lessons of the past to plan for the future. I believe in open and honest communication and representing the interests of the larger community. This is our neighborhood, our club; I will always respect that and would be honored to represent the community on behalf of all our members, whether they be the long-standing, the recent additions or those yet to join us.


Jennifer Matheson

My husband Ian, along with our children, Hanna and Jake, moved to Foxridge in 2009.  Our family have been members of the Club for 9 years, and we enjoy the benefits of having a neighborhood club.  I am also a current member of the Foxridge Club Tennis Team.

I am an insurance agent who specializes in HOA insurance.  For over 25 years, I have insured and witnessed the challenges the Board of Directors Face.  Because I specialize in HOA’s, I am privileged to know and work with may vendors and their partners, ranging from attorney’s to contractors.  I believe these relationships would benefit our club.

I want to run for a seat on the board to give back to my neighborhood, but also contribute all I can to strengthen and empower the members of the club.  It is important to me that all members are able to enjoy the pool, and hopefully again, the tennis courts.

I look forward to making a professional and positive impact on the success of the club.

Chris McAlpine​

My wife Molly and I moved to the Denver area in 2000 from Western New York.  We have one son Liam who is 11, and a new Pandemic Puppy, Hulk.  Our family has been in Foxridge since 2014.  Immediately upon moving to the neighborhood we joined the Foxridge Swim and Racquet Club, and Liam joined the Foxridge Foxes swim team.

My background is that I have a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Regus University.  In my professional life, I work for a local manufacturing company called Stolle Machinery that makes equipment for can manufacturing (picture the cans of ‘soda’ being consumed poolside).  I have been with them for 23 years as an Engineer, Salesman and now Vice President of Global Solutions.

Outside of work and the pool, I enjoy skiing, mountain biking, running the trails of Foxridge, and travel.  Between work and personal travel I have been lucky enough to visit over 55 countries to date.

My interest on being on the board of the Swim Club is that I would like to be more involved in the club innerworkings and to put some thoughts and energy behind the club, facility, and activities.  We have a great asset by having the Club in our neighborhood.  I simply want to have it be a place that everyone can be proud of and enjoy as a center for our community.




Michelle Sandt-Wade

I have lived in Foxridge for 25 years and been a member of our wonderful community pool for 15 years.  My husband, Michael, and I have two daughters, Shealyn (19) and Alexa (18).  They started on the swim team at ages 4 and 6.  Both of my girls have also been lifeguards at the pool.  I have always loved the relationships between the older kids and younger kids.  As those older kids spent time with my little girls, I met so many other parents. I am so grateful to know so many other parents of little kids now, because my girls are now the older ones!  I am running for a position on the board so that I can add to the team with a different voice.  I believe in unity and respect, in hearing all sides, in equality for all members.  I have served on many boards, currently with the Foxridge Improvement Association (FIA).  My heart is in serving with others to continue to make our community a special place.

Jenn Straub

My family has lived in Foxridge since 2001 and we first joined the pool in 2008.  My girls have participated in swim team as well as lifeguarding at the pool and coaching swim team.  I also served as a swim team parent rep in 2013-2014.  We love our pool community!  

Pool members may recognize my name as I have been the administrator of our Foxridge Swim team website and I have also coordinated swim team communication for the last few years.  Additionally, I am well versed in website administration.   With this experience I feel I could best contribute to the Board in the Communications role. 

Thanks for your consideration.  I look forward to serving our pool community!

Jennifer Varela

Our family has been Foxridge residents for 16 years and club members for more than 10 years now.  I also grew up in this neighborhood and my parents still reside here.  Our three girls have loved spending time at the pool every summer.  

I have served on boards in the past in different capacities and have just finished up a volunteer project with our church so the timing works well for a new opportunity.  I am interested in helping with Membership but am happy to serve wherever needed the most.   

Our club board has worked so hard with fewer people over the last several years and I want to do my part to preserve (and grow) our community asset.  Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working together for our community.  

Greg Weik

Hey everyone!  I'm Greg and I like to party.  Vote for me!  Oh, you need more information?  Ok, here's some stuff to pad the old resume.  :)  I enlisted in the Air Force from 1996 to 2000 and was a highly decorated and honorably discharged veteran.  Expert marksman too (not sure that will come in handy)  Then, I went to college and graduated near the top of my class from CSU.  But wait, there's more.  I also got a scholarship to law school after college and went to law school for a couple of years before deciding to create my own super-awesome company.  So, in conclusion, I'd be happy to give back and help the Fox Ridge Pool by sharing some of what I know in terms of legal knowledge and real-world business acumen.   In Fox Ridge, we own two properties, we love the neighborhood and we even threw a block party this summer to give back to our neighbors.  We've decided we should try to give back more and this is a good first step!

Lisa Weik

Hello!  My name is Lisa Weik and I've lived in Foxridge for 8 years.  I was born in the area and love our amazing community!  My husband and I are small business owners here in Centennial and we have 3 children (ages 5,9 and 10).  I would love the opportunity to serve our neighborhood pool by volunteering for the pool board.  I feel I'd bring a fresh face to the pool board and we would love to contribute in any way I can!  

Stef Jefferies

My husband Mark and I moved to Foxridge in 2007, just 2 short months prior to having our son Nate.  We selected this neighborhood, in part, because of the Foxridge Club - I had grown up swimming at a similar club in Denver, and felt strongly that I wanted my family to grow together in a similar community.  We are now a family of 4 - with Maggie (10) rounding out our ranks.  Both Nate and Maggie are swimming Foxes each summer and it truly is one of our favorite things about summer.  I am a former board member as well, having served in the capacity of President during the 2015 and 2016 seasons.  In the 4 years since my prior service, I have enjoyed watching and supporting the accomplishments of the board and club since that time, and would welcome the opportunity to once again serve this amazing club and community.


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